Personal Work: Film Portraits

I’ve begun shooting more and more film on my grandfather’s vintage Yashica Mat. It has been so incredibly satisfying to work on a personal project that I’ve turned it into a daily exercise. I am making one portrait each day on film, which I get back as beautiful scans and prints from Richard Photo Lab. You can follow my progress on Instagram. Here are some of the first images:

kentucky_film_photography_0001 kentucky_film_photography_0002 kentucky_film_photography_0003 kentucky_film_photography_0004 kentucky_film_photography_0007 medium format film photography by wedding photographer Meg Wilson

Joshua + Lisett | Married | Denver, Colorado

They braved the winter to celebrate their wedding in Denver in December. There was a cold snap outside, but inside it was warm and cozy. And when Joshua and Lisett did go outdoors, they kept each other warm.

Their family was around them throughout the day, supporting them and celebrating with them. Joshua’s dad lead the ceremony. Lisett’s dad did a reading. Friends had come from all over the country to see these two on the day they began their life together.

Thanks for being wonderful, you two, and for dancing to both “Thriller” and “What Does the Fox Say” at your reception.

Denver wedding_0095Denver wedding_0154 Denver wedding_0101Denver wedding_0088Denver wedding_0087Denver wedding_0136 Denver wedding_0102 Denver wedding_0103 Denver wedding_0104 Denver wedding_0094Denver wedding_0086Denver wedding_0134Denver wedding_0085Denver wedding_0096Denver wedding_0097Denver wedding_0133Denver wedding_0138 Denver wedding_0098Denver wedding_0139Denver wedding_0140 Denver wedding_0141 Denver wedding_0142 Denver wedding_0089Denver wedding_0149 Denver wedding_0150Denver wedding_0137 Denver wedding_0151       Denver wedding_0099Denver wedding_0143 Denver wedding_0131 Denver wedding_0130 Denver wedding_0155 Denver wedding_0156 Denver wedding_0129 Denver wedding_0090 Denver wedding_0128Denver wedding_0144 Denver wedding_0145Denver wedding_0125 Denver wedding_0126 Denver wedding_0132 Denver wedding_0091 Denver wedding_0083 Denver wedding_0084 Denver wedding_0124



Denver wedding_0119Denver wedding_0120 Denver wedding_0122 Denver wedding_0121 Denver wedding_0148 Denver wedding_0117Denver wedding_0116 Denver wedding_0118 Denver wedding_0092Denver wedding_0161 Denver wedding_0093 Denver wedding_0115 Denver wedding_0114 Denver wedding_0113 Denver wedding_0111 Denver wedding_0110 Denver wedding_0112 Denver wedding_0108 Denver wedding_0107 Denver wedding_0106 Denver wedding_0105Denver wedding_0159Denver wedding_0100

venue: Bella Sera Event Center

Blue Eyes + Blue Skies | Central Kentucky

I am a boutique wedding studio, so it is not very often that I do a portrait session. I love this session that I did recently on a small road in rural KY.

AB’s mom found her the perfect vintage-style dress the last time they visited California, and we photographed on one of November’s last warm days so AB was happy to kick off her sweet little shoes and go barefoot.

I also took this opportunity to shoot on the vintage Yashica-Mat that belonged to my grandfather when he was a young newspaper photographer in a small New Mexican town. I exposed several frames of color 120 film that I was particularly pleased with. :)

I hope that AB’s grandchildren will hold prints of these images 50 years from now… with even more fondness than I hold my grandfather’s camera.

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